Yuphoric Yuzu Ale

Available in NJ

The Yuphoric Yuzu Ale is named as such because it was brewed using a unique ingredient native to Asia, the yuzu, a refreshing citrus with various uses. For our first beer, we wanted to create a beer that is refreshing and not too strong so that it compliments dishes all-round. And to bring out the flavors of not just the yuzu but the overall ingredients, we created the Yuphoric Yuzu Ale in the style of the American wheat ale. Brewed using the innovative techniques of the American craft beer industry and with an eye towards Asia, the Yuphoric Yuzu Ale represents our motto: Inspired in Asia, Made in USA.

Perilla Session IPA

Perilla Session IPA(Coming Soon) The complex perilla leaf with its minty/sesame/basil-like flavor is the perfect compliment to the hop forward nature of this IPA. And because this is a session beer, this brew is designed to not overpower the palate and go down smoothly with the dish of your choice, not limited to but particularly spicy dishes.

Saison Omija

Saison Omija(Coming Soon) Omija, meaning five flavor(sweet, salty, sour, spicy, and bitter) berry, is a very complex tasting berry used throughout northeast Asia. We didn’t have to think too hard about this one in that the complex flavors of the omija and that derived from the saison yeast are in perfect union. Indeed, the final product is elevated to a new level as the omija berries accentuate this saison beer.

Azuki Milk Stout

Azuki Milk Stout(Coming Soon) Azuki is a Japanese term for sweet red bean or red bean paste that is used to make various desserts and confections throughout Asia. The sweet and subtle flavors of the Azuki compliments the smooth and creaminess of this stout. Brewed using Azuki and milk sugar, this stout is reminiscent of having red bean ice cream at your favorite Japanese restaurant. If not, then it’s still damn good beer. Enjoy!

Tuvan Ale

Tuvan Ale(Testing)Tuva is located in a Central Asian region that holds an extinct seabed where a very special wild berry is grown called the sea buckthorn berry. Grown in the salty desert and the harsh environment of the region, the sea buckthorn yields a distinct berry flavor that’s full of nutrition. With Tuvan Ale, we added this very special berry to bring you the essence of Central Asia in a unique way. We can only imagine the Mongol horde supplementing its meat-heavy diet with this delicious and nutritious berry; in the form of alcohol perhaps. And although we didn’t make fermented mare’s milk infused with sea buckthorn berry, we did make beer with it. So in the spirit of the Mongol horde, please enjoy Tuvan ale your favorite meat dish, preferably barbeque.

19th Century Lager

Beer proliferated across Asia in the nineteenth century and it arrived in the form of the pale lager, which still remains the style of major breweries across Asia and throughout the world. But back then, the lagers were all brewed under the Reinheitsgebot, German Beer Purity Law, which meant only using malt, yeast, hops, and water. Following the Reinheitsgebot, we wanted to create the most flavorful pale lager that we could using only the these ingredients. And what we have is a type of pale lager that in the style of Maibock/Marzen, which is much more robust than the usual lagers of…. This is perhaps as traditional as we’re gonna get.

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      Three Legged Crow

      The Three Legged Crow is an ancient symbol depicted in murals and artifacts throughout east Asia and similar to the dragon, it still holds significance in various aspects within the east Asian cultures. We took this name because we found it relevant to our goal; to brew innovative beers utilizing unique ingredients found in or originating from this part of the world. We travel thousands of miles just to add that special touch to all of our brews but we hope you don’t have to travel far to find our beers. Thank you and please enjoy responsibly!

      TLC Beer

      We believe beer is a direct function of creativity and effort. To us, this means selecting from the vast amounts of ingredients and processes available to the brewer and utilizing experience with experimentation to create a product(s) never been made before. It is within this line of thinking that Three Legged Crow Beer Company strives to make unique and delicious beer. At TLC, we specialize in using ingredients traditionally originating in Asia to give our beers a special kick and because of this, you’ll most likely find our beers at Asian restaurants or Asian-themed restaurants. But make no mistake, our beers are designed to go very well with non-Asian foods too and we strongly encourage you to pair one of our beers with one of your favorite dishes. Our ultimate goal is to have presence at the very best establishments whether it’s Asian or non-Asian. And of course, our beers are great enjoyed alone. We crank out recipes left and right and not all recipes come out to be fantastic, but rest assure that the ones available to you definitely made the cut. Thank you all for visiting and please keep a look out for Three Legged Crow Beers at your favorite join(s).

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